At 5 Star Education, we offer a Selective High School Preparation program that delivers the hardest program to our students in English, Mathematics and General Ability. All of our tests are on-line and are calibrated to different levels of difficulty. Our online system was designed to simulate the exam conditions with set time for each question. Results from the tests are analysed and one-on-one coaching sessions are conducted with the students to help them overcome difficult questions. Tutors will discuss with or explain to students methods on how to solve similar questions in the future. Our preparation program includes a 3-hour weekly lesson in English, Maths and Genertal Ability, 1 hour of Science per term and two 1-on-1 sessions with tutors. The preparation program is expected to last for 4 school terms. To gain entry in our Selective program, prospective students will need to sit for an aptitude test which includes english, maths and general ability.

In our first year of selective preparation program in 2011, 50% of our students gained an entry place in selective schools. In 2012, 90% of our students were eligible for placement into selective high schools. In 2013-17, 80% of our students gained placement into selective high schools. In 2018, all of our students gained entry in the Selective High School of their choice.

Parents of year 5 students wishing to apply on behalf of their child for entrance into Selective High Schools in Year 7 in 2020 can apply online from 9 October 2018. For more information visit the NSW Public Schools website.

Date Activity
9 October 2018 Online application opens
12 November 2018 Application website closes
28 February 2018 Test Authority advice to parents
14 March 2019 Selective High School Placement Test
July 2019 Parents advised of outcome


Parents of 2018 - Year 7 students can check the latest reserve list here by clicking this link to Latest Reserve List

Application for 2020 Selective
On-line application for Year 5 Students who want to sit for the 2020 Selective test is available from the NSW Public School web site from 9 October 2018.
Term 4/2018 is open for enrolment ....