Welcome to 5 Star Education Academy, your Academy of choice.

5 Star Education Academy is a tuition college for all students ranging from kindergarten to Year 12 HSC students. Our courses include English, Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music and Arts. Most of our experienced and dedicated teachers and tutors have accumulated well over 20 years of teaching or tutoring in their chosen fields. Our teachers and tutors are amongst the best educators in their disciplines. All past students under their tutelage had consistently obtained UAI/ATAR of no less than 90.

5 Star Education Academy is established to make a difference in the delivering of tutoring service. We place great emphasis on small class size (no more than 8 students per class), encouraging maximum interaction between teachers, tutors and students and ensuring that a great deal of work is performed at the Academy. Students' ability in each subject will be tested before their placement into a class with other students that have comparable level of proficiency in the subject taught.

At 5 Star Education Academy, we understand the need of students and the concern of parents. For students, we have designed our lesson structure in a way that students have sufficient time to ask their teacher or tutor questions that impede their understanding of the topic taught. Where practical, we will combine theoretical concepts with practical experiments or simulations. For parents, you can be assured that our experienced teachers and tutors are dedicated to the task of improving your child's academic performance through their superb teaching techniques, through maximum classroom interaction due to the ratio of 8 students per teacher and 4 students per tutor and our comfortable classrooms.

We will continue to monitor the demand from parents and students on the need of establishing new tutoring classes for other subjects such as Legal Studies, Economics, Business, ISD (Information and Software Technology) and SDD (Software Design Development).

We invite you to join the Academy and experience the difference. For new enrolments, please give us a call on (02) 9727 9878 or 9723 8808.

Congratulations to our 2018 HSC students
Jennifer Cam (99.8), Julia Phan (97.80), Cindy Nguyen (97.55), Karena Nguyen (96.65), Jonathan Nguyen (95.85), Susan Guo (95.80), Michelle Nguyen (95.55), Vi Vu (94.95), Cindy Truong (94.25), Vanessa Vu (94.05), Joceline Tran (93.95), Lachlan D'Cruze (93.75), Sonia Nguyen (93.30) and Oshwald Khoo (91.80), accelerated students (Michael Le (99) in Advanced Maths and Eric Nguyen (94) in Advanced Maths and several other students who performed exceptionally well in their HSC. Our heartfelt congratulations to all of our students, their families and we wish them best of luck in their future endeavours.
Enrolment for Term 4 of 2019 is now open......
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