Our Mission

In the olden days, scholars who aspired to become a mandarin had to find a master to teach them all aspects of life from literature to martial art. Folklore revealed that they packed their personal belongings into their tiny backpack, bade farewell to their love ones and set out to prepare for their long and arduous journey to train with their master so they could pass with honours the national imperial examination and brought pride to their families and recognition for themselves. Their master did not just pass on to them knowledge, academic excellence but also the appreciation for inner beauty, a deep sense of care for humanity and the love of goodness. Their master taught them to appreciate humility and humbleness

At 5 Star Academy, we are proud to continue on with this century-old philosophy in pedagogy and art of teaching. This academy is established with the aim to help students achieving their academic excellence through delivering teaching with simple and easy to understand technique, combining academic theories with practical experiences where possible. Our ultimate aim is to help students master theoretical concepts and understand how to apply them in school work as well as in real life. More important of all, we aim to deliver a 5-star quality teaching service with great dedication and care so you and your family can be assured that we, teachers, tutors and management are here to help.

At 5 Star Education, we believe that with effective expert assistance, students' performance can improve on average between 10% to 35%. We do believe excellent students' overall performance at school depends greatly on the student's ability, the quality of teaching at schools and external institutions such as ours. To maximise students' learning performance and in recognition that each student has a different and unique level of ability, different skill sets, we:

  • Guarantee a class size of no more than 8 students
  • Deliver a University-style of lesson. From year 10 onwards, where feasible, a 2-hour lesson will be segmented into 2 parts (Theory and tutoring session). In the first segment, the theoretical concept is delivered by our experienced teacher. In the second segment, the class will be divided into half with each group managed by an experienced tutor.
  • Provide further free tutoring (30 minutes each week) with the teacher or tutor free of charge for students who experience difficulty in understanding the concept being taught .

Application for 2018 Scholarship
The Harding Miller Education Foundation will have 75 new scholarships available for Australian girls in 2018. The scholarships support girls who have demonstrated high academic potential and who live with economic disadvantage to raise their aspirations and to achieve the best possible educational outcomes. For more information, please visit http://www.hardingmillereducationfoundation.org.au/apply-for-a-scholarship/
Experience The Difference!!! Enrolment for Term 1 of 2017 is now open.
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